Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Morgana Mou - Mu Chong, Chinese Female Fitness Extreme

This is Chinese fitness competitor Morgana Mou (or Mu Chong)...and she may be close to the total package.

 Besides fitness, she is also trained in MMA, she used to be a reporter and she wants to be an actress.

 Can you imagine this lady starring in an action flick?

 Oh yeah...she also appeared on China's Got Talent.

Morgana Mou/Mu Chong

1 comment:

  1. Morgana Mou is totally super fit i just love her toned rock hard six pack abs,her biceps are totally strong too,her body(physique) is very unique and i love to see her do kickboxing which i saw on one of her video's. It's just a shame we do not see her in movies bringing her girl power to the movie screens and show the action movie actresses now how it should be done!


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