Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Most Popular Female Fitness Stars in November

Last month we had a varied group of popular ladies on the blog.
The group included on Brazilian fitness star, an ex-pro wrestler and one Russian bodybuilder among others.

1. Eva Andressa
Brazilian Fitness Model Eva Andressa

2. Trish Warren
IFBB professional fitness competitor Trish Warren
3. Jennifer Nicole Lee
Fitness model, motivational speaker, and author Jennifer Nicole Lee

4. Mandy Blank
WBFF PRO Fitness Diva and Fitness Trainer Mandy Blank

5. Lisa Marie Varon
Lisa Marie Varon, former WWE Diva and TNA Knockout.

6. Tammy Pies
Former IFBB Figure Competitor, Tammy Pies

7. Ava Cowan
IFBB Figure Pro Ava Cowan

8. Olga Guryeva (Olga Guryev)
Russian Bodybuilder Olga Guryeva (Olga Guryev)

9. Erin Stern
IFBB fitness pro, figure competitor and former Figure Olympia Erin Stern

10. Mindi Lee Smith
Personal trainer, nutritionist, and IFBB Figure Pro Mindi Lee Smith

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Unknown Fitness Beauty - Haley Almeida

One of the things I hate about Pinterest, Instagram, Tumbler etc is that they have pretty much eliminated the ability to find out who a model is.
Like this lovely lady that can go from very attractive to very fit with a single flex.
I had no idea who she was and a Google Image Search just turned up sites and generic hashtags.
The closest I could get was "Haley"
But I finally tracked her down after a long while and her name is Haley Almeida.

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