Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Fitness Model - Debbie Kruck

Fitness Model - Debbie KruckName Debbie Kruck
Born February 23,1963
Danbury, Connecticut
Height: 5'6"

Fitness Model - Debbie Kruck

Occupation Hostess of Debbie Kruck Fitness Classic
Spokes person of MET-Rx USA Inc.
Titles Ms. Fitness USA 1989
Ms. Fitness America 1990
Ms. Fitness Extravaganza 1992
Ms. Strong & Shapely Profitness Champion 1992
Ms. Global Physique International
Academy of Bodybuilding and Fitness - Fitness Model of the Year
Ms. Strong & Shapely Profitness Champion 1993

Not only is this woman an incredible physical specimen, but check around the net and look at some of her humanitarian deeds.
One example:

This is a woman that is as beautiful inside as she is outside.


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