Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Andressa Vieira - Brazilian Fitness Beauty

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This is stunning Brazilian figure competitor and fitness model Eva Andressa Vieira.
I think she is absolutely gorgeous and she reminds me of a cross between Danica Patrick and TNA Knockout Sarita (Sarah Stock or Dark Angel for all you lucha libre fans out there).
I've read that she competes in figure, but it looks like with just a bit more mass, she could do bodybuilding easy.
But why mess with a good thing right?
This five foot nine fitness beauty started lifting weights because she felt she was too thin and wanted to improve her figure.
I think it worked!

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Andressa Vieira's Female Fitness Competitions
2005 - Champion Paranaense Figure - NABBA
2006 - Brazilian Champion Figure - NABBA
2006 - Champion Paranaense Figure - NABBA
2008 - Champion Brazilian Body Fitness - IFBB
2009 - Overall Champion Brazilian Body Fitness - IFBB
2009 - South American Body Fitness - 3rd Place - IFBB

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Here is a video with Eva on a talk show that is pretty popular on YouTube.
Wait till about seven minutes in...

By the way, Eva has her own YouTube channel here:

Now there are a lot of other ways you can keep up with Eva online.
As a matter of fact, she has her own blog on Blogger:

Or you can try her MySpace page here:

Or you can follow her on Twitter:

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