Friday, November 19, 2010

More Jelena Abbou

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It's been quite a while since I have done anything on the lovely Jelena Abbou.
Okay, try over three years.
She was the first fitness beauty I did a write up on here.
And I know people get tired of me saying that "this is possibly one of the most beautiful women I have profiled here" but I mean c'mon...look at her!

Jelena (also known as Jelena Djordjevic) was born on April 2nd, 1977 in Gornji Milanovac, Serbia.
This gorgeous figure competitor, fitness model and certified personal trainer, now lives in the US, having left Serbia when she was 20 years old.

jelena abbou-fitness women-female fitness

Since the last entry I did on her, Jelena has added some more female fitness competitions to her list....
2008 IFBB Olympia - 15th place
2008 IFBB New York Pro Figure - 3rd place
2008 IFBB 15th Annual Sports/Fitness Weekend and Europa IFBB Super Show - 3rd place
2008 IFBB Houston Pro Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure Contest - 4th place
2010 IFBB Europa Battle of Champions - 4th place
2010 IFBB New York Pro Figure - 11th place
2010 IFBB New York Pro Bodybuilding and Bikini Championships - 6th place

jelena abbou-female fitness models-fitness beauties

There is also an incredible commercial Jelena did for T-nation's Fahrenheit...

And you can still find out more about Jelena at her website here:

More Jelena Abbou, posted to on November 19th, 2010

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