Friday, August 14, 2009

Karen Pang - Female Fitness Models

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This is kind of a cross over post, as I have done a couple of write ups on fitness competitor, fitness model and swimsuit model Karen Pang over at my Asian Fitness Blog (That no longer exists..Thanks Blogger!)
She even came in third in the most popular women on that blog for June.
Karen stands 5'2 and weighs 107 pounds, and she can look very ripped and lean for fitness shots, and look softer for swimsuit photos.

Contest History:
2007 WNSO National Pro Champion Swimsuit Model
2007 Bikini America Top 10 Finalist
2008 Bikini Universe (Short Class) 1st Runner Up
2009 WBFF BC (Bikini) 2nd place

Karen will be competing in the 2009 Canadian Nationals.

You can see more of this stunning young lady here:

And REALLY follow Karen Pang at Twitter here:

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