Sunday, May 6, 2007

Female Fitness - Gea Johnson

Female Fitness - Gea Johnson See how lifting heavy weights makes you bulky?

" Gea Johnson is a highly talented athlete with an incredible story that has transfixed the sporting public around the world with her many accomplishments. These include her unbeatable rise to dominance in the first ever Women's Olympic bobsleigh Competition in Park City Utah at Utah's Olympic Park February 2002. "

Female Fitness - Gea Johnson

When training for the winter Olympics she 'Power Clean and Jerked' 120Kilos (265 lbs).
Ranked 1st 63K weight class, 1998 - 1999
NACACI VII Weightlifting Championships - Gold & 2 Silver Medals, 1998
World Team Trials 1st Place - 63K weight class, 1998
USA Nationals - Silver & 2 Bronze Medals, 1997

Female Fitness - Gea Johnson

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