Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Krissy Chin - Asian Fitness Models

This is Physical Therapist, Fitness Model and IFBB Figure Pro, Krissy Chin.
This five foot four inch, one hundred and twenty three pound beauty was born on January 24th, 1980 in Temecula, California.

Krissy has a contest history spanning eight years....

2007 NPC Gaspari Nutrition Jr. USA Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure Championships
2007 NPC Junior Nationals Bodybuilding, Fitness And Figure Contest -2nd
2007 NPC Team Universe Bodybuilding, Fitness And Figure Championships - 1st
2007 IFBB Houston Pro Figure Contest -7th
2007 IFBB Europa Super Show -16th
2008 IFBB Houston Pro Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Contest- 7th
2008 IFBB Jacksonville Pro-Figure / Dexter Jackson Classic -4th
2008 IFBB New York Pro Figure -14th
2008 IFBB Atlantic City Pro -6th
2009 IFBB Border States Pro Figure - 3rd
2009 IFBB Olympia - 16th
2009 IFBB Houston Pro Figure - 4th
2009 IFBB Europa Super Show and Supplement Expo - 2nd
2009 IFBB Jacksonville Pro - 4th
2009 IFBB California State Pro Figure Championships - 9th
2010 IFBB Border States Pro Figure - 11th
2010 IFBB Houston Pro Figure and Bikini - 8th
2010 IFBB Olympia - 16th
2010 IFBB Arnold Classic, Ms. International, Fitness International and Figure International - 15th
2011 IFBB Border States Pro Figure - 2nd
2011 IFBB Houston Pro - 4th
2011 IFBB Olympia - 16th
2011 IFBB Tournament of Champions Pro Figure - 3rd
2011 IFBB California Pro Figure - 2nd
2011 IFBB Optimum Classic Pro Figure and Bikini - 2nd
2012 IFBB California Governors Cup - 2nd
2012 IFBB Arnold Classic - 10th
2014 IFBB Sacramento, Bikini Masters Professional – 3rd
2014 IFBB Europa Phoenix – 14th
2014 IFBB Korea Pro – 6th
2014 IFBB Northern California Pro Bikini – 1st
2014 IFBB Dennis James Pro Bikini – 6th
2015 IFBB Northern California, Bikini Masters Professional – 1st

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