Monday, March 2, 2009

Cory Everson Revisited

This is Corey (Cory) Everson's third appearance on this blog and I think rightly so.

Retiring from competition after winning six consecutive Ms. Olympia titles, Cory tried her hand at acting.
Her first film appearance was in the 1986 movie "The Morning After" as Miss Olympia.
Double Impact in 1991 was her second movie. In that movie, she played Kara, a ruthless, muscular henchwoman to the main badguy.
In 1994, she was in Oliver Stone's Natural Born Killers as the TV Mallory.
She appeared in the 1995 film Ballistic. (Not the 2002 film with Antonio Banderas and Lucy Liu.)
In 1996, she was in the movie Felony as Sondra with B-movie legends (and two of my favorite actors) Jeffrey Combs and Lance Henriksen.

Cory everson-fitness

On TV, Cory appeared twice as Katrina Schwenke in The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. (starring another of my favorite actors, Bruce Campbell).
She also appeared in Renegade, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (three times as Atalanta), Tarzan: The Epic Adventures, Home Improvement and Charmed as the Hulk Paige.

Of course Cory was the original host of the ESPN2 fitness show, BodyShaping that also included Deprise Brescia, Kiana Tom, Jennifer Dempster, Rick Valente, Kendell Hogan, Mary Jean Traetta and Laurie Donnelly.

And for awhile she had her own exercise show on ESPN, Cory Everson's Gotta Sweat.
Cory tossing a guy around (literally) in Ballistic

You can check out her site that sells fitness equipment and products.

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