Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jackie Roberts - Tri Fitness Athlete

Usually the ladies featured on here are well rounded.
But Jackie Roberts takes that to another level.
She is a FAME Bikini Model Pro, Women's Tri-Fitness Athlete, ON/ABB Sponsored Athlete, fitness model, swimwear model and a personal fitness trainer.
And Jackie graduated Washington State University with a major in Early Childhood Education and a minor in Spanish.
She's competed in Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure competitions.
But that probably seems tame next to her love of competing in Women's Tri-Fitness challenges.
These events usually consist of a Fitness Event ( they perform a a maximum 2-minute routine, and are judged on strength moves, flexibility, endurance, choreography and overall performance and presentation), Fitness Skills (box jump, bench press and a shuttle run), Obstacle Course ( pulling out all the stops here with a 10 foot Wall, Running Grid, Incline/Decline Monkey Bars, Balance Beam, 15 foot Cargo Net, Shuttle Run, 2 Low Hurdles, Steeple chase jump over water, Sprint and Under and Over Bar) and finally an optional Grace/Physique round.
Is that good enough for you?


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