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Elaine Goodlad - Personal trainer, Fitness model

Elaine Goodlad - Personal trainer, Fitness model

In the famous words of Ron Simmons......

Full Name: Elaine Goodlad
Birthday: May 2
Place of Birth: Saskatchewan, Canada (Trish Stratus, Gail Kim.. what is in the water in Canada?)
Current state of Residence: Las Vegas
Occupation: Figure competitor,certified personal trainer,fitness model,professional make-up artist.
Marital Status: Married to Terry Goodlad.
Height: 5'7"
Weight (In Season): 130-132 lbs. (Off-Season):138-140 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Red (with blonde highlights)

Elaine Goodlad (born May 2, 1964, yes that's right 1964!) is a professional figure competitor and makeup artist.

Elaine grew up in Saskatchewan; a small town and farming community in Canada. When she was a teenager she moved to Saskatoon. As a young high school girl she was a very active student involved in track and field and volleyball. During this time she suffered from depression which lead to bulimia.
But this soon would change when at twenty years old, Elaine discovered the gym. Eventually she was able accumulated enough of the right information about training and diet to make the right changes to her body. She continued her weight training with the help of powerlifter, Terry Goodlad, who would eventually become her husband.
Together they moved to British Columbia in arly 1990, and there, the couple opened a gym and with Elaine's knowledge of cosmetology and her husband's abilities in photography and writing; they have contributed to almost every fitness-oriented magazine on the market. Soon after Elaine became serious of competing in figure competition, she and her husband moved to Las Vegas where she is a makeup artists for fitness models in her husband's photo shoots, and ferries models back and forth from the airport in between her rigorous training schedule.

Elaine Goodlad - Personal trainer, Fitness model

2002 Emerald Cup 1st (Tall) and Overall winner
2003 Arnold Classic Figure International 6th
2003 Pittsburgh Pro Figure 5th
2003 Night of Champions 5th
2003 Figure Olympia 11th
2004 California Pro Figure 1st
2004 Figure International 8th
2004 Figure Olympia 8th
2005 Figure International 8th
2006 Figure International 10th

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