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Kim Chizevsky - Female Bodybuilder, Fitness, and Figure Competitor

Kim Chizevsky - Female Bodybuilder, Fitness, and Figure Competitor
Kim Chizevsky is a professional female bodybuilder, fitness, and figure competitor from the United States.

Kim was born on April 23, 1968, in Mattoon, Illinois, and was raised in Decatur. Kim was a multi-sport star in high school. In addition to participating in volleyball, basketball, and cheerleading, she ran the 100, 400, 800 relay, and mile relay, threw the shot and discus, and did the long jump. She then attended Southern Illinois University, where she studied to be a paralegal. While in college, she joined the dance squad and participated in aerobics. After a couple years of dance and aerobics, a friend convinced her to try bodybuilding. Despite no training, diet, or preparation, she finished second in her first show, the 1989 NPC Tri-State, competing at 121 pounds.

Kim earned her pro card by winning the 1992 IFBB North American Championship, competing at 147 pounds. She had moderate success in her first few years of pro competition, including winning the 1993 Ms. International, but the Ms. Olympia title eluded her. Kim finally unseated six-time defending champion Lenda Murray in 1996, and started a four year reign of her own. Over the years she continued to gradually add size to her 5'8" frame; at the 1997 Ms. Olympia, she competed at 157 pounds. Kim decided to retire from bodybuilding after winning the 1999 Ms. Olympia; she began competing in fitness and figure competitions in 2001.

In 2000, Kim appeared in The Cell, which starred Jennifer Lopez.

Kim is married to Chad Nicholls, a well-know bodybuilding nutritionist and training consultant. They live in Springfield, Missouri.

Kim Chizevsky - Female Bodybuilder, Fitness, and Figure Competitor

1989 Tri-State Bodybuilding (Illinois) - 2nd (LHW)
1989 AAU Illinois - 1st (Tall)
1989 AAU Central USA - 2nd (Tall)
1990 NPC Tri-State - 1st (HW)
1990 AAU Southern Illinois - 1st (Tall)
1990 AAU Illinois - 1st (Overall)
1990 AAU Central USA - 1st (Overall)
1991 NPC Continental USA - 1st (Overall)
1991 MPC Midwest Grand Prix - 1st (Overall)
1992 NPC Junior Nationals - 1st (HW and overall)
1992 IFBB North American Championship - 1st (HW and overall)
1993 IFBB Ms. International - 1st
1993 IFBB Ms. Olympia - 5th
1994 IFBB Ms. International - 5th
1995 IFBB Ms. International - 2nd
1995 IFBB Ms. Olympia,- 2nd
1996 IFBB Ms. International - 1st
1996 IFBB Ms. Olympia - 1st
1997 IFBB Ms. Olympia - 1st
1998 IFBB Ms. Olympia - 1st
1999 IFBB Ms. Olympia - 1st

2001 IFBB Fitness International - 6th
2002 Southwest Pro Fitness - 4th
2003 IFBB Show of Strength Pro Championship (figure) - 9th
2004 IFBB Show of Strength Pro Championship (figure) - 7th
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