Thursday, August 27, 2009

Top Ten Female Fitness Stars in July

I haven't done a top ten on this blog in a while (if ever actually), so here are the top ten most searched for female fitness competitors, figure competitors, fitness models and female bodybuilders on this blog.

1. Megan Thomas
Number one on the list is personal trainer, fitness model, NPC figure competitor, MMA fighter and mother, Megan Thomas.

2. Andrea Cox
When I did my last entry on Andrea (actually there have been two) I didn't know she was a reflexologist and now a raw food advocate.
You can visit her website at and the raw food must work for her because she is still gorgeous.

3. Juliana Malacarne
Powerfully built would be an understatement for IFBB Figure Pro Juliana Malacarne.

4. Lisa Lowe
90s fitness star Lisa Lowe is still very popular so it seems. I even did a Hub Page on her.

5. Jackie Roberts
FAME Bikini Model Pro, Women's Tri-Fitness Athlete, ON/ABB Sponsored Athlete, fitness model, swimwear model and personal fitness trainer Jackie Roberts came in fifth.
Jackie is another young lady I did a Hub Page on.


6. Andrea Giacomi
5'8, 174 pound female bodybuilder Andrea Giacomi came in sixth.

7. Charlene Rink
This IFBB Pro Fitness competitor does wrestling, mixed wrestling and boxing. And she has a very large and loyal internet following.

8. Gabrielle Resnick
One of my favorites. (and not just because she actually visited the blog). I've done entries on her here and my Most Beautiful Women Blog.

9. Kristal Richardson
IFBB Professional Figure Competitor and personal trainer.

10. Laurie Donnelly
The Former ESPN Bodyshaping star and Former Ms Fitness America is still very active on the web proving some things never do go out of style.

posted to August 27th, 2009

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