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Female Bodybuilder and Figure Competitor - Jodi Leigh Miller

Female Bodybuilder and Figure Competitor - Jodi Leigh Miller
Jodi Leigh Miller is an American female bodybuilder and figure competitor.

Miller was born in Chicago, Illinois on November 8, 1972, and currently resides in Dallas, Texas. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a BA in English and a Secondary Teaching Certification, and earned certification as a personal trainer from the Cooper Institute in Dallas. In the mid-1990s, her interest in powerlifting led her to try her hand in competition. She won first place in her first two powerlifting appearances, and began to consider competing in other fields. By the early 2000s she had been successful in sporting challenges and turned to bodybuilding, along with fitness and figure competition.

In 2001, Miller began competing in events for the NPC, an affiliate of the IFBB and the largest amateur bodybuilding organization in the United States. She won her division and the overall champion title in her first event, and since then has gradually gained repute on the national level. Miller actively markets herself through the Internet, and has attracted sponsorship from several national sporting equipment and apparel companies. She has also written as a guest columnist for Oxygen magazine.

In 2006, Miller transitioned back to bodybuilding. She won the lightweight class in the amateur bodybuilding division of the Europa Supershow. That qualified her to compete in the bodybuilding Nationals, where she placed eighth in the lightweight class.

Female Bodybuilder and Figure Competitor - Jodi Leigh Miller

1996 USA Powerlifting Federation Texas State Championships - 1st (111 lb. weight class)
1996 ADFPA Powerlifting Federation Longhorn Open - 1st (104 lb. weight class)

24-Hour Fitness Gyms Triathlon Fitness Challenge
1998 Club Level, Texas - 1st
1998 Regional Level, Texas - 1st
1998 National Level - 4th

Galaxy Nova Federation
2000 Texas Grand Prix - 12th (physique round)
2001 Nationals - 15th (physique round)
2001 Nova USA Championships - 12th (physique round)

2001 Texas State Championships - 1st-Overall Champion (novice lightweight bodybuilding division), 4th (figure division)
2001 Heart of Texas - 2th (open bodybuilding division), 3rd (figure division)
2002 Lone Star Classic - 4th (short figure division)
2002 Junior Nationals - 17th (short figure division)
2002 Team Universe Figure Nationals - 19th-tie (short figure division)
2003 Junior USA's - 7th (5'2" and under division)
2003 Pittsburgh - 4th (short figure division)
2003 Junior Nationals - 6th (short figure division)
2003 Team Universe Figure Nationals - 5th (5'2" and under division)
2004 Junior USA's - 5th (5'2" and under division)
2004 Emerald Cup - 2nd (5'3" and under division)
2004 Junior Nationals - 12th
2005 Junior Nationals - 11th
2006 Europa Supershow amateur bodybuilding - 1st (LW)
2006 NPC Nationals (bodybuilding) - 8th (LW)

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